Healthy date and maple pecan pie


Dates, pecans, and a little maple syrup with a splash of lemon and orange zest…what’s not to love? Except maybe the delectable temptation just when everyone’s in post-holiday cleanse mode again. I feel a little guilty posting sweet treats given the timing. Yet one of my New Year resolutions–AGAIN–is to let go of (at least some) guilt. You can see the conflict.


Spinach and chickpea skillet


We’re still (just barely) in pre-baby time, yet for a good while now meal planning has been making a steady and subtle shift. The name of the new game is Healthy, Quick & Easy. At least, that’s the goal. It’s been a little more difficult this last week, when I’ve suddenly been struck by bouts of strong cravings, after having been largely immune to them throughout the whole going-on ten months. Mostly for bread. And ice cream. I especially want warm Panera bagels…cinnamon crunch (or maybe apple pie except it’s still too early and they’re not available), not toasted, but microwaved so it’s fat and soft and comforting.

Autumn roast vegetable Salad


I wish I’d taken a picture of this salad with the fried egg I had on top of it. It was beautiful. Sunshiny egg smiling on top of warm and brightly colored roasted vegetables, kind of an edible picture of an autumn day. I really was struck by its prettiness; though, as I write this I realize how clear it is I don’t get out a whole lot these days.

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