Freelance Writing

One of the greatest privileges as a freelance writer is the way it naturally lends to lifelong learning.  It’s been an enormous pleasure to write about dearest passions such as health and nutrition, running, and local community. I enjoy the journeys offered by all subjects. I’m always eager to find new and interesting stories to share. Please click on my portfolio page for sample articles, recipes, and information on other projects. 

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Recipe Development

“Go ahead. Play with your food.” That’s the tag line in my book (with co-author Melissa), “Plot to Plate: Grow, Cook, Create”, and it keeps me mindful of the magic and power of a joyful approach to what we do. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen, seeking to create healthy and accessible real food recipes that don’t strain the budget.  

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I have a passion for playing with words to find just the right fit  to convey your  key messages. Efficient and enthusiastic, I’m both a team player and someone who can be relied upon to independently meet deadlines. I produce newsletters, press releases, brochure copy, website content and more to meet your needs. Contact me, and let’s talk about how I can assist your communications strategy.

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Check out my blog, Fit and Frugal Natural Kitchen, for regular weekly recipes and healthy eating news.

Plot to Plate

Since launching our book, my co-author and I have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with LiveWell Longmont, local schools, and Farmers’ Markets to share healthy food activities like edible art with the community! We’re currently developing a Plot to Plate curriculum for after-school programs, and are cooking up plans for more books.

What's New!

Getting inspired working on our Plot to Plate curriculum development project, sharing healthy community role models and news, and playing with fantastic Ancient Harvest ingredients and more as part of recipe development opportunities!

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